my morning pages on tuesday september 25 2018

Thank God I’m alive! This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. Therefore I will not spend this day in anger, bitterness, resentment and self-pity. I will though stand up for proper bounderies between an adult son and his father. I know I’m breaking one of Julia Cameron’s morning pages rule of not letting anyone read your morning pages. I can understand that it may lead to be me not being honest when I write these and that is the whole point of doing these in the first place, to be honest with yourself to the point of being at fault and poor with your own ego. Not to worry I will be honest and if it would get to honest I would have to pull that section out but i do feel that its important for me to write these morning pages and put them on my blog so others can see that you can do anything you want with these and by reading my morning pages crap you will be encouraged to give it a try yourself but i digress from what i really want to write about this morning. i’m going to be sticking with lower case from now on out. i like this because it helps the words to flow better because i don’t have to worry about hitting the shift key along with another letter key i can instead just concentrate on tapping lightly on the letters themselves and nothing else because very little things in life really matter as much as we think they do or that we think they matter either for that matter. see what i mean anywho i digress and need to keep typing because thats the thing with these morning pages that is once you start you are supposed to keep going my three hand written, and oh that is another thing they are supposed to be hand written but i am converting the original Julia Cameron’s morning pages into the current computerized century we live in now and whereever you are at in case you don’t have physical paper and a pen – a little stick where you press down on it on a surface and ink comes out and i know we all know what a pen is in case you find yourself without any of these items you can still do morning pages i don’t think they should be limited in anyway whatsoever but i am sure Julia Cameron would disagree with me but i think she would be ok with it because of the fact that i am doing it one way or the other and that really is the bottom line as long as you write your morning pages of three who cares how we get there as long as we arrive at the lookout rock together it doesnt matter we will still enjoy everyones company when we are there and by the way i am bring the footlongs i miss those when my dad would take me to one of the Dodger games in California when we used to live there from 1975-79 those were the sweet days filled of fear and wonderment and food that wasn’t amish. (word count 544)


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