morning pages wednesday september 26 2018

Thank God I’m alive! This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. Therefore I will not spend this day in anger, bitterness, resentment and self-pity. I will write my morning pages and then get on with my life after I clean out my cobwebs of my morning self and put them on paper and see where they may float off of. i have to say im a little excited today ive been into tabletop role playing games for years but i havent played anything i am more of a rules collector i am not into fantasy but science fiction especially mongoose publishing traveller v2 rules i just got the new for me rift expansion and what a bunch of goodies is in there so off exploring i shall go beyond the stars and hopefully back im using it to hopefully cook up some good stories who know what will come of it but it doesnt really matter in the big scheme of things in this world but still looks cool and i think there are lots of things i can mine and make notes about and where it may take me dont know at this point but i shall press on after im done with this actually its 0929 hours in the morning right now and my first piano practice is at 1000 hours so i may finish this up and have my first piano practice right away then i can read and study my new game rules until my lunch break and second piano practice at 1300 hours and then my final one at 1600 hours i got the roast in the crockpot so hopefully that will turn out nice and awesome tonight when my wife comes home to see how well i did and what kind of mess i made the first thing i did this morning was get up and head into the studio to keep painting so far so good i feel pretty good about it but i have to say bright green just isnt one of my favorite colors it looks to off and i miss a good blue i need a nice blue and i dont have any right now i would be tempted to get one tube of it but i do have a nice tube of teal and i could use that i do like that a lot but a nice deep blue would be great the color i like it utrecht i have to say its becoming one of my favorite but anything will do in a pinch no matter how weird everything comes out i guess i could tone it back but i feel more like im putting in time to get this over with so i can read and study traveller but i have to keep on like Julia Cameron says of the morning pages once you start you cant stop and i am almost at my five hundred thirty word limit which is about what i average when i write three pages in my notebook by hand and this saves a lot of ink. no care in the world how one arrives at the port and spaceships and the stars above. (word count 545)


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