my words im leaving behind on friday september 28 2018

these are complicated times
sweetened by your remembrance of
strong perfume and
rancid cologne.
no wonder he left you


im living my dream
i wish my wife could live hers
why do only one of us
get to live in the dreams?


a rising secret dream
envious of her hesitant smile
catching him by surprise


uncharted reality without
inviting the mind is
within heavenly velvet of a dreamer
poisoned with the illusion of
breaking cold glass
uncovering uncharted volumes.


fragrant memories are stolen.
dark secrets suddenly embrace me

these are signed goodbye
each of them contains the fragrance
of surprise: a silent wonder.


my surrending heart spun hope
broken, screaming
it hesitated
then flew
binding the glowing warmth within me
and i try to get out but can’t entirely.


without your perfect passionate kiss
crashing comfort encompasses space
suddenly close – you are loving
a watery wondering destiny
seductive red romance
forever signed: singing a twist of a missing dream.


the good news is
i’ve decided to try again
i can’t quit
it is who i am
I will paint


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